Cultural Revitalization Program

Through the band leadership and with the small number of elders, the band has strived to retain the cultural heritage by encouragement and teachings of traditional values as were a custom by our ancestors. As a result of this the band has implemented native teachings into the current day care program. Children are taught the Ojibway language, native arts & crafts and our cultural heritage.

Past community initiatives include community gatherings, an annual pow wow and the establishment of a drum group. Cultural workshops included topics such as native language teachings, ceremonies, arts & crafts. Other teachings were on how to respect mother earth, self, family and others.

The rapid progression of the new technology has had its advantages and disadvantages to this community as we strive towards self-sufficiency for the betterment of our community. The community is now in a transitional period in which progress remains to be an important factor for future self-sufficiency but not at the expense of our cultural heritage.

The culmination of the planning process was formally initiated by the Band Council in 1997. It is to assist the band leaders in the promotion and implementation of the revival of our cultural heritage. Through the utilization of the available resources within our region, the program will focus on all aspects of our cultural and subsequently the need to develop internal resources to ensure the enhancement of our culture is instilled in our every day lives on a continuous basis.