Elder's Complex

The elders in our community are highly respected because of their knowledge of life, language and culture. In 1992 an Elders Complex was built to accommodate our elders and help them financially. The band maintains the building and surrounding area such as repairs to the building and snow removal. There are six apartments in this complex and each have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Two of the six apartments are designed to accommodate the disabled. The elders who live there say that their apartments are very comfortable and affordable.

Drop In Centre, "Forever Young", was established to bring together the elders in our community. The Elders Coordinator has weekly activities, which consist of craft making, card games, bingo, workshops and field trips. There is also a luncheon for them every Thursday. The elders not only come for the luncheon but also to enjoy the other peoples company. There are some elders who cannot make it to these luncheons and the coordinator has a "Meals on Wheels" program where she will deliver a plate to them.

There is also one day a week were some of our elders and others from the surrounding areas come and play euchre. The Elders Drop In Center is open Monday to Friday for the elders in our community and also for community members who want to do a craft or just to see a friendly face.