Recreational Facilities

The Youth Centre was built in 1995 with activities that include board games, video games, pool and air hockey. There is also a lounging area with a television and magazines. The youth center supervisor also arranges various tournaments for both youth and adults.

The Fitness Centre was built in 1995 and is used daily by people in the community and surrounding areas. Everyone who uses the fitness centre must pay a monthly membership. Some of the equipment that people can use includes a rowing machine, weights, treadmills and a bicycle. The fitness centre is also equipped with showers, a television and a stereo to make your workout more enjoyable. The fitness centre was built to promote healthy lifestyles and to help those who have diabetes and other physical or medical related illnesses feel better about themselves.

The Library was built in 1999. This facility has various books and movies for everyone that can be signed out and the librarian is there to assist you. There is also the CAP Site (Community Access Program) and provides the Internet to everyone. A CAP site worker is there to provide Internet and computer training. There is also a tutor who is hired through the Band Education Program that helps our community youth with their school assignments.

Other Recreational Facilities and Activities Include:

  • Three children's playgrounds in the community.
  • The outdoor ice rink that is used throughout the year for ice and ball hockey.
  • There are horseshoe tournaments which are held behind the administration building.
  • A net is set up every summer down at the lake, where people play volleyball.
  • There are basketball nets beside the recreation center.
  • A tennis court is located behind the recreation center.
  • The baseball field is used for various sports activities such as soccer, football, baseball tournaments, t-ball and softball games.

The baseball field was previously dedicated in memory of the late Micheal James Madahbee. Signage of this dedication was placed on the new bleachers that were built in July 2002 and also new fencing was put up. For over the past four years and in memory of another, Aundeck Omni Kaning hosts an Annual Josh Nahwegahbo's Memorial Baseball Tournament.

The above initiatives have benefitted the community in many ways such as creating employment, improvement of public areas, safety of public areas, provision of recreational activities and pride in our community.