2173575 Ontario Ltd. MCI Enterprises

1526 Hwy 540
Box 857

Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Jason Abotossaway

Established in 2005 as a general contracting business in minor and major residential in homes, housing complexes and commercial buildings. Services also include home renovations and additions, storage buildings and garages.

4 Directions Complex

1300 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Manager: Mandy McGraw

Consists of four small business/office rental units, a fitness centre, gymnasium, and meeting space rental. Please contact the business office for rates and availability at (705) 368-0739.

AOK Store

1338 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Kelly Abotossaway

Operating since 2015, is a gas service station and convenience store located in the center of Aundeck Omni Kaning. The store has gas and diesel and an assortment of vehicle products. Convenience items include tobacco products, an assortment of boxed products, bread, milk pop and chips and related items.

Beepsi’s Catering

24 Apple Tree Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Bev Wilson

A home-based micro business offering catering services for weddings, conferences, reunions, grand openings, birthday parties and other special events. Other items include pizzas, holiday baked goods and helps plan and prepare party events. Safe Food Handling Certificate and has passed an inspection from a Health Canada Food Inspector. 

Brian’s Bussing

1262 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Garage: 705-368-3532

Owner/Operator: Brian Corbiere

Operating since 1986, provides school bus services to the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation. The bus service includes bus transportation to the Little Current Public School and Manitoulin Secondary School in M’Chigeeng. The business also provides additional service to Aundeck Omni Kaning which includes school trips, sports teams, community trips and social and recreational transportation.

Buddies Smoke Shop

9 Maple Crescent
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Matthew Esquimaux

Offers a wide variety of cannabis related products. A friendly on-stop shop for all your smoking needs, including accessories from blankets, candles, home necessities and more.

C & C Catering

127 Hill Street
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Caterers: Cec & Carolyn Madahbee

A home-based business offering catering services from small to large groups on and round Manitoulin Island.

Candice’s Catering

1860 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Caterer: Candy Corbiere

Operating since 2015, this home-based business offers food catering services to neighboring communities in Northeastern Manitoulin area.

Catering and Other Services

19 Echo Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Diane Abotossaway

A home-based business offering seasonal services relating to property rental, house cleaning, room decorating for special events plus food and events catering.

Construction Contractor (Homes and Renovations)

105 Hill Street
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Owner/Operator: Vic King

30+ years experience in housing construction and renovations and self-employed since 2007. Specializes in roofing, other services include storage buildings, garages, home repairs/additions, sundecks, arbors, fencing and landscaping. 

Creator’s Choice

1116 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Owner: Cheyenne Corbiere

Creator’s Choice is Northern Ontario’s largest First Nation Indigenous owned dispensary.

Creator’s Choice in Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation is one many operations that use the company name and supply their products. Whether you’re looking for the newest cannabis products available on the market or the utmost natural pain relief.

Find your perfect product for:

  • Anxiety – reduces stress and increasing a calm mindful state
  • Sleep – to help get a good night sleep and rest you deserve
  • Pain Relief – to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Recreation – wide array of strains, potencies, and ways to enjoy your THC products
  • Focus – different products and strains to achieve different effects

Premium Quality Tested Cannabis!

Experience the Indigenous Difference!

Crusty’s Pizza

121 Virginia Crescent
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Cook: Christine Esquimaux

A home-based pizza and delivery service offering an assortment of home-made pizzas. The business can accommodate birthday parties, family celebrations, community activities and other events of various size gathering.

Dave’s Fisheries

1522 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: David Corbiere

A commercial fisherman specializing in the harvest of whitefish and pickerel in the North Channel of Lake Huron. Mr. Corbiere catches, processes and markets his products to local distributors in Northern Ontario and the local economy.

D & N Variety

1 Robinson Street
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0

Store: 705-210-9333

Cell: 705-282-7203


Owner/Operator: Donna & Norm

A multi service family business established in 2018 in the Town of Little Current, Ontario. The service includes convenience products, pop and candy, an assortment of gift items, art and craft products made locally, Manitoulin souvenirs and antiques. The business also offers consignment to sellers.

Dukes Fish n Chips

47 Echo Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Ken & Ingrid Madahbee

A family owned and operated fish and chip stand providing excellent take-out service to the Manitoulin District since 2001. It is a seasonal business open between May to September. Open 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm daily Wednesday to Saturday and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday. The menu specialty is walleye and whitefish dinner, and also serves other foods that include burgers, chicken, sandwiches, fries and an assortment of appetizers.

The business is currently closed for the season. See you next year!

Dukes Woodpile and Products

47 Echo Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Producer: Ken Madahbee

A supplier of firewood and added value products such as picnic tables, lawn furniture and smaller item such as bowls, platters, bread boards, etc. Sells firewood to the community members and local organizations and businesses. The woodwork products are an added skill that I have learned and will continue to use and market.

Endaa-aang Tourism

24 Lake Road
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Inquiries: 705-368-2228


A First Nation owned and operated accommodation business consisting of six (6) cabins, teepees and camping sites. There is a limited number of rentals spaces for RV and trailer parking during the summer season. The business also has available recreation grounds for private and group functions.

Gab’s Fish

1860 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Operator: Gabriella Corbiere

A micro home-based commercial fishing operation operating throughout the spring and summer. The main product is walleye and whitefish. The business accepts order for group gatherings, powwows and special events. Pre-orders are requested to ensure time and availability of orders.

Gunner’s Gas Bar Contracting

1116 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Owner/Operator: Cheyenne Corbiere

Servicing Manitoulin Island and North Shore area. 

Opening Soon! 

Healing Vibrations

95 Hill Street
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Energy Owners: Connie and Jeffrey Esquimaux

Mobile service offering REIKI health care to help you improve your sleep boost your immune system functions, mental alertness, aid headache and migraine symptoms, help with depression and stress level reduction. Call or email for a consultation.

Hootie’s Carpentry and Ceramic Tile

1226 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Contractor: Robert Howell

Specializing in custom deck projects and ceramic tile installation and all other carpentry projects. As well as ceramic tile in kitchens, bath and accommodates other related requests to its’ customers. Call Hootie’s for a free estimate on your next home improvement project!

Irvin McGraw’s Furniture

98 Virginia Crescent
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Owner/Operator: Irvin McGraw

A home-based operation producing wood products which includes, items such as garbage boxes, indoor/outdoor furniture, cabinets, picnic tables, lawn chairs and accepts special requests.

JBs Freshwater Fishing Charters

19 Virginia Crescent
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Jeff Bailey

With a mission “To give people a fun filled day out on the water/ice and good memories” JB’s offers daily fishing excursions on the North Channel servicing Manitoulin Island and the Northshore. In addition to guided fishing tours the business offers learning opportunities to youth on fishing, boat and water safety and harvesting and cleaning fish. The charter service is available 7 days per week (subject to weather conditions). 

Kachageekwe Creations

143 Virginia Crescent
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Seamstress: Alicia McGraw

Operating since 2018 this seamstress creates traditional clothing, which includes but is not limited to, jingle dresses and grass dance regalia, ribbon shirts and skirts, weighted blankets with emphasis place on the healing aspect of these products. Special orders are welcome.

KAMM-era Photography

22 Lakeshore Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Kendra Madahbee

A photography service for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions/gatherings, holiday festivities and other special events.

Mad Dog Will Travel

34 Deer Trail
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Consultant: Patrick Madahbee

A private consulting business servicing the province of Ontario and beyond with extensive experience in local, provincial, and national politics. In addition, the business consultant has an education and background in business, community planning and infrastructure development, health and social services and a strong advocate in First Nation progress.

Maple Syrup Production, C & S Anderson

P.O. Box 241
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Producer: Sara Anderson

A small producer of maple syrup selling product to the local area.

Mike Frost Heating

1190 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Contractor: Mike Frost

Installation of furnaces, heating and cooling equipment and technician repair service.

Mnidoo Mnising Treasures & Things

61 Hill Street
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Joyce Madahbee

A hock shop and consignment store operating since 2009. The store has four main sales lines which include consignments, confectionery, tobacco and miscellaneous products. The store carries new and used electronics, musical instruments, crafts, jewelry, household items, tools and clothing. Only items of good quality are selected for placement in the store.

M.R. Plumbing

32 Echo Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner: Michael Ramsdin

Offers services in plumbing and heating of commercial and residential buildings within the Sudbury/Manitoulin Districts.

Nomad Living

2 Lakeshore Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Monica Noble

Creates unique and one-of-a-kind woodwork art and furniture products ranging from wall hangings to tabletop accessories.

Oginiisin Paralegal

13 Hill Street
Aundeck Omni Kaning




Owner: Rita Barnes

Aanii/Hello, My name is Rita Barnes. I am a Paralegal of The Law Society of Ontario. I recently returned home to Manitoulin after graduating with honours, to open my practice.

Here at Oginiisin Paralegal we offer services such as Notary Services, representation in Administration Tribunals, Boards and Commissions. We defend individuals charged under the Highway Traffic Act, or those charged with a Summary Conviction offence. We also represent actions in Small Claims Court for amounts upwards to $35,000.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in need of legal counsel, we are happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation. Here we can decide if a paralegal is the right choice for you! I look forward to working with the community and general public in handling your legal matters in a professional and friendly manner.

Miigwetch and Stay Safe!

Ojibway Creations

32 Echo Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Owner/Operator: Sue Ramsdin

Produces custom leather and beadwork to include but not limited to various types of clothing, mukluks, moccasins, mitts, gloves, handbags, guitar straps and items of special interests. Each item is personally created and produced with some limited additions. Special orders are welcome. The business also offers craft making workshops. Please contact the owner to schedule a workshop or ask what events are planned.

R & D Electric

31 Apple Tree Lane
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Contractor: Mike Abotossaway, Master Electrician

A commercial and residential electrical business servicing Manitoulin Island and the Northshore area.

RC Consulting Services

1266 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0



Consultant: Ryan Corbiere

Operating since 2014, this business is a financial advisory service providing accounting/bookkeeping services to First Nation and external businesses. The clientele includes new and existing businesses requiring assistance in business planning, financial projections and related business and financial needs. Additional services include developing administration forms, PDF fillable forms and everyday practical forms to enhance and simplify management needs.

Reel Addiction Guide and Tours

32 Echo Lane
Aundeck Omni Kaning




Operator: Mike Ramsdin

This is a family run, indigenous owned, four season fishing charter and guide business specializing in tours and guides around Benjamin Island and Baie Fine, Lake Huron Ontario. The business focuses on the incorporation of traditional, land-based teachings on its tours & guides.


  • Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm
  • ​Saturday: 8am – 10pm
  • ​Sunday: 8am – 11pm

Can accommodate special events and large groups.

Sakena Media

P.O. Box 504
1340-B Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0




Manager: Savannah Nahwegahbow

A First Nation based videography, photography and graphic design service with a focus on promoting First Nation businesses and culture. If you have a story to tell reach out to Sakena Media to make it a reality.

Small Engine Repairs

1309 Hwy 540
Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0


Mechanic: Arthur Madahbee

With over 40 years experience in maintenance and repair of small engines that includes push and riding lawnmowers and 4wheelers. The business services all type of small engines.